Showing God in action in and through His people

A Legacy of Changed Lives in San Diego

Through the 2023 San Diego Summer Mission, God changed the lives of college students and the people they met around the city.

Good News Goes Global through Guatemalan Soccer

God is reaching and equipping thousands of people around the world through Guatemalan Athletes in Action® staff member Cristobal Chamale and his ministry to elite athletes, their families, and their fans.

Why You Need Your Neighbor

Hospitality, as Jesus modeled it, happens through interconnected and interdependent communities of people. Melody, serving with a Cru® ministry called Neighbor Bible Studies 2GO, seeks ways to invite and connect others in her community in an interesting way: asking for help for herself and finding ways for her neighbors to serve each other.

Experiencing God’s Extravagant Love

Lisa Brockman trained to become a spiritual director so she could help others understand their spiritual journey.

5 Ways to Embrace Our Limitations

In a society that embraces “doing it all” and “knowing it all” as accomplishments, we find it difficult to live within our finiteness. But our lives are full of limitations — a built-in aspect of God’s design, as creator of time and space. By embracing these limitations rather than working against them, we grow in our understanding of God’s power and presence in our lives.

Message From the Editor

Melody Copenny, editor-in-chief of Cru Storylines®, shares a New Year’s greeting and important update.

How God Works in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji

How God is moving in the hearts of college students on campuses in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji.

Athletes Team Up to Create Change with Clean Water

A spring break trip to Ecuador brought student athletes from the University of Iowa and Marquette University to local homes instead of tourist sites. Through a partnership with Athletes in Action® and Filter of Hope, college students left their normal routines to meet people’s physical need for clean water and start spiritual conversations.

Bringing God's Word to People One Story at a Time

Many tribal people groups around the world are oral rather than literary cultures, requiring pastors to be creative in planting churches in these communities. In Africa, two Cru® ministries equip pastors and church members to share Bible stories with people who won’t read a Bible but are hungry to hear the good news about Jesus.

Strengthening Faith Step by Step

The Athletes in Action® Sports Performance Center helps athletes build physical and spiritual strength with the help of Jeff Friday, a former NFL strength coach.

Giving Thanks When Chronic Illness Moves In

When you find ways to be grateful in the midst of chronic illness, you can strengthen your faith and improve your mental health.

The Power of Redeeming Words

One statement Taurus James made as a teenager labeled him a troublemaker and set him on a course for cultivating deep biases of hate. But God can redeem people’s pasts and bring them to a place of service using their experiences.

Message From the Editor

Melody Copenny, editor-in-chief of Cru Storylines®, shares a special message with readers.

The Art of Noticing People and Beauty

Friendships form in San Francisco as part-time Cru® staff member Hope Curran Lundblad uses art to give away God’s love.

Reimagining Work God’s Way

The pandemic has led Americans to rethink work. A God-centered view of work gives us the refreshment we need.

Two Restaurants and the Sovereignty of God

In trying to disprove the Bible, atheist college student Josh Quiros is surprised by an unexpected result.

How Mental Illness Drew Me Closer to the Heart of God

When the pandemic hit New York City in 2020, Marilette Sanchez experienced a jarring mental health crisis. Now she candidly shares her story of chaos and God’s faithfulness through it all, in hopes of encouraging fellow sufferers and those whose loved ones struggle with mental health.

The Little Church That Could

After the pandemic and a drought devastated Bakersfield, California’s workforce, God used churches like tiny Centro Cristiano Agape to meet huge needs.

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