Showing God in action in and through His people

Reimagining Work God’s Way

The pandemic has led Americans to rethink work. A God-centered view of work gives us the refreshment we need.

Two Restaurants and the Sovereignty of God

In trying to disprove the Bible, atheist college student Josh Quiros is surprised by an unexpected result.

How Mental Illness Drew Me Closer to the Heart of God

When the pandemic hit New York City in 2020, Marilette Sanchez experienced a jarring mental health crisis. Now she candidly shares her story of chaos and God’s faithfulness through it all, in hopes of encouraging fellow sufferers and those whose loved ones struggle with mental health.

The Little Church That Could

After the pandemic and a drought devastated Bakersfield, California’s workforce, God used churches like tiny Centro Cristiano Agape to meet huge needs.

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